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Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind


April 2021-December 2021


Bennington College



This show consists of 30 plays performed over the span of 60 minutes. I directed this as my senior work at Bennington College in the fall of 2021.

This is my crown jewel as of now. I began preparations in the spring of 2021 after the project got approved by the drama faculty. That whole summer, I spent time picking plays, doing text analysis, reaching out to designers, and figuring out logistics.

On the technical end of things, we achieved way more than anybody expected. We designed individual sound and lighting cues for each of the 30 plays and implemented them seamlessly. We also managed to safely coordinate food props, consensual audience participation, covid precautions, a blowtorch, and knife throwing.
During production we hit a fair number of bumps in the road like cast illnesses, losing access to our carpenter due to other productions having greater needs, and having our light board die on us during tech week. Because we had dedicated substantial time to building trust and communication within the cast and production team, these things didn't end up affecting the final product.

The whole production was assembled using principles of transparency, accountability, and empathy. By opening up communication, we ended up avoiding a lot of drama and pitfalls that often afflict stressful productions.

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